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Meeting Casey was a BIG turning point in my life as an introvert. Thanks to her and The Quiet Collective I finally started to understand myself and my needs much better. Hence, I could not resist to invite her to my podcast to chat about the impact music has made in her life and her business.

It’s amazing how one song has provided her the inspiration to create the vision for herself and her business, how this is now impacting so many quiet and introverted women all over the world. But also, how we all can tap into this quiet superpower to achieve our own dreams and desires, in a gentle and quiet way.


During out time together we chatted about:

  • How important music is in her life
  • How she ensure her stimulation level is kept as balanced as possible as an introvert
  • What her favourite song is and why
  • How that song helped her reflect on her vision and mission for The Quiet Collective
  • Alter Egos and how she uses it and encourages her community to as well
  • How other introverted and quiet women can use music to step into their biggest version of themselves
  • How a song or songs can help you with stepping into your own vision and mission
  • Her song that describes her business and or life right now


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Casey Lightbody is the CEO and Founder of The Quiet Collective. She is a business and marketing strategist who helps quietly powerful women entrepreneurs establish a clear business growth plan so they can come out of hiding and create the impact they desire in their lives and the lives of others.

She’s the host of annual virtual conferences for women entrepreneurs attracting 1000s of attendees and featuring guest speakers including Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, Carrie Green, Jadah Sellner and Jennifer Kem. She has also been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and the Introverted Entrepreneur and authored three Amazon bestselling books.

Casey draws from her university education, 15+ years of work experience, life experience living on 3 different continents, deep intuition, and over 80+ interviews with industry Influencers to help her clients with personalised 1:1 strategy and coaching to create successful, sustainable businesses on their terms.

When she’s not enjoying precious moments with her family of 3 boys (and a grown up boy!), you can find her sipping on an Earl Grey, curled up with a good novel, or sneaking in a nanna nap on the weekends.


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