Women Empowerment Coach - On a mission to help them THRIVE, RISE and SOAR

Paulina is conscious soul committed to personal growth and becoming the best version of herself mind, body and soul.

I’ve known her for some years now and always loved her uplifting and ‘let’s do this’ energy, which translate into our conversation about life, music and the rest!

Of course, she had times in her life that weren’t so great and she shares how she tackled these, turned them around into something positive.

Overall this is a fun episode with laughter and sharing a good time between two people.


During out time together we chatted about:

  • How important music is in her life
  • How she uses music, the routine she has to incorporate music in her daily life
  • Her favourite song and why she loves it so much
  • Song that describes her business and or life
  • Activity she does with her clients that uses music to support them


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Paulina is a Certified Conscious Uncoupling ™ coach, empowerment coach and counsellor.

After her marriage of 17 years ended, she struggled to find herself again, but learning to love herself and knowing her self-worth changed the game. She believes the best relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself.

A true believer that events and situations that occur in your life happen FOR you and not TO you, she is now supporting other women to THRIVE in all areas of their life and to know they are worth it and to be their authentic self.

Wanting to make a ripple effect and support other women through various ways either by the empowerment coaching, Conscious Uncoupling ™ coaching, counselling and or online business opportunities.

I have known Paulina for about 3 years and having seen her transformation and determination to use her life to create lasting impact is amazing. Watch us talk about how important Music is in her life and why, we cover her favourite song(s) and also what song she would use to walk on stage to do a speech.


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