Coach and healer, travelling the world, touching hearts and opening minds and guiding people back home to their hearts.​

Living as a nomad and allowing spirit to guide her, she loves whatever is on her path and lives by the daily mantra of asking spirit to ‘show me who to love today’.  And with all that loving comes incredible life experiences and opportunities that she shares with those that are joining her in this miraculous journey of life.  You can get in touch with Erin via her website and on Instagram (links below).


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I can’t tell you the first time that I heard ‘I was here’ by Beyoncé, but I can tell you that song will never leave my bones.

I can’t tell you when I made the decision to change the world, but I can tell you that I know it to be true.

And at some point on this magical journey of life, these two things collided. My knowingness and the words of this song.

I think I grew up always knowing I was different. I always felt different in a good way. I liked being weird, and a-typical, but that didn’t mean that everyone around me felt the same. I think it challenged my family to have me sticking out like a sore thumb or a black sheep all the time. It certainly challenged many of the people I went to school with and turned me into a subject for bullying.

But I have looked at the ‘normal’ people all of my life, and just been so grateful that I wasn’t them. I look at most people in the world now, and ask myself, are they happier than me? Do they love themselves more than me? If the answer is no, then I don’t allow their thoughts and opinions to influence me. If the answer is yes, then I want to know everything that they have to share, and particularly any thoughts or insights they have about me.

I want to be led by those who are further along the path than I am on. And to me, Beyoncé has held one of those flames for me for a long time. She is what I call an ‘illumination’ on my path. Someone who triggers something inside of me. When I look at her, I ask myself what is it about her that illuminates me?

I see her to be an incredibly powerful woman. One who doesn’t apologise for her strength, her power, her success. She works hard and is truly living her purpose and passion. They are all elements of me, just as they are of you, too. I do not see her as someone to idolise or put on a pedestal, I see her as a representation of an energy or a potential that exists inside of me, and she is illuminating that for me. Who would I be if I were to be embracing all of my power and strength, and working hard and apologetically, while living my passion and my purpose?

That is what this song alludes to for me… that version of myself. The one that came here to this planet and made a difference. Who touched the hearts of others. Who experienced the full spectrum experience of life and has no regrets. Who lived with an open heart and chose love over fear every time.