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SEASON 3 | EPISODE 68 | 31 JULY 2023

Moving through a dark time and emotional numbness

Emotional numbness can strike anyone in their life. Especially when we navigate tricky and hard times, which take a lot out of us.

In this episode I am trying to share my personal thoughts around the first few months of 2023, how I shut down emotionally because life was too overwhelming for me and how the song ‘Wild Flower’ by BTS member RM penetrated my ‘numbness bubble’ and allowed me to slowly return to life.

Entering a stage of emotional numbness isn’t something anyone chooses, but it can happen so quickly, without us noticing it until we are in the thick of it.

If you are experiencing anything similar, I hope this episode shows you that music can potentially help you start to feel again, shine a glimmer of hope (or shall I say sounds of music?!) and showt that that this won’t last forever if we find something or someone to help us out of this ‘numbness bubble’.

You can move through the emotions that need releasing and return to start living life a little more.

Link to the blog post I refer to in this episode: ⁠WILD FLOWERS – TIME TO OVERCOME MY OBSTACLES & SEIZE NEW OPPORTUNITIES⁠




At the age of 17 I went to The University of New York at Morrisville where I studied musical Instrument repair. With diploma in hand, I applied for work but found that no music store wanted to hire me. So, I opened my own shop “Cole’s Woodwind and Brass” Soon after I married my high school sweetheart Mary Alice. through many serendipitous twists and turns, we raised our family with our little music shop. Today, after 45 years of working on horns, I reflect back with great appreciation for a life that has given so much. In an effort to give back I travelled to the impoverished nation of Haiti in 2016 to teach instrument repair. After returning several times, I founded Horns for Haiti Inc. in 2020, an organization that teaches band instrument repair and how to start your own music business. To date, we’ve trained dozens of musicians and music teachers how to repair and started two businesses. Billy Shop D’Haiti, Musical Instrument Repair and the Haitian Music Supply Company.

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During this episode I chat about:
  • The path to my darkness and numbness – why 2023 did not start well for me
  • How numbness feels (or not!)
  • How ‘Wild Flower’ by RM has penetrated that bubble
  • How this song is like my healing medicine
  • Why I can smile again and feel happier, even if things aren’t as I wish they were
  • Why music can be part of our recovery to happiness
  • How I deepened my connection with music and become my ‘partner in crime’
  • Life is worth living!

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