Hi B Siders,

I was invited by Casey Lightbody to be a client guest speaker during ‘The Quiet Rebellion Global Conference 2023‘. This was a 4-Day Virtual Experience will bring you right into the heart of the evolution you’ve been wishing for.

Here’s what Casey said about this event:

“During this unforgettable event, we’re were opening up the conversation around what it means to be a Quiet Rebel
Business Owner (With A Cause) in 2023 and beyond, and help you craft your own way of doing business on a whole new level, through this paradigm shift. Bring you into your embodied quiet wisdom, and spark your unique creative inspiration with cutting edge, human-first marketing and sales concepts that will re-awaken your passion to create the precise flow and structure you’re craving.

The #1 Intention With The Quiet Rebellion Conference is
to prepare you to lead your change in the world beautifully and effectively – by tapping into and unleashing the quietest and most powerful part of you, and providing innovative and individualized strategies that will work for you today and far into the future.

Because you have an impact to make.”

Click on the image to gain access to all the amazing speakers and other fantastic sessions held during these 4 days

I hope you enjoy the replays and I thank Casey again for the privilege of appearing as a speaker during her event.