Epi 54 – Give yourself permission to free your voice with Elisa Keeler

Do want to speak up more and express yourself, but haven’t found your voice (yet)? Or you lack the self-confidence to fully step into your own voice and self-expression?!

If you answered yes, then come join Elisa and me for this episode where we share, explore and discuss all around learning to free your voice and the benefits this will have for you and your life.

Epi 50 – Turning a passion for music into successful entrepreneurship, with Ben Albert

Ben’s story is one that starts off with what many of us experience when growing up – not exactly fitting in, finding his own community and then eventually entering the working world. However, his journey is one that provides encouragement and excitement as it showcases that we all can create a (working) life if we allow ourselves to follow our passion.

Episode 46 – An Interview with Niki Siberia

On today’s episode I chat to Niki Sibera, a Food Freedom Architect and founder of Happy Hearted Eating. Niki is a wonderfully calm and centred lady, who had her fair share of trauma to work through, which she did amazingly well.