‘Whisper’, ‘Worth it’ and ‘Love Yourself’ – songs that show up on my Instagram stories so much these days. These songs have been created by the one and only Able Heart! I couldn’t resist to invite him to my show to find out more about him, his journey and what makes him tick to create the music he does as well as how he views life, the lessons he has learned so far and what he hopes to inspire in others that listen to his music.

Relationship breakdowns are never easy, fun nor something we want’ to experience – love, family or else! In today’s episode, Eileen shares her own experience dealing with exactly such a situation, but she had the support of one song that helped her realise it was not the end.

Time to breakaway! Time to take a chance and make a change! 💪 The song ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly Clarkson truly captures what my world is like right now. And from what I see around me, many more are going through the same phase as well.

Melissa’s journey from wanting to be an astronaut, being rejected and then finding her true passion in life that includes marathons, writing, working with others as a coach – a journey definitely that needs to be talked about. And yes, her two main songs are so fitting for her life so far.