Episode 27 – An Interview with Michelle Hessing

In this episode I welcome Michelle Hessing ‘to the microphone’, who is a quiet business owner of a Branding Design & Printing company based in Newcastle, NSW and specialises in an integrated approach to creating and designing branded material and collateral to bring products and services into the marketplace.

Episode 24 – Love Yourself Too

Self-love is talked about so much yet not practiced enough. Over the last couple of weeks I have dived into my own journey of self-love and what I discovered is a bit sad and disappointing but also a great place for me to make changes.

Episode 21 – You Gotta BE by Des’Ree

YOU GOTTA BE BY DES’REE Inspired by Des’ree’s song ‘You gotta be’, I chat about why I believe it is a crucial time for all of us to think and moodle about this more as well as the impact each and every one of us can create by stepping in our best BEing.  Based on these […]

Episode 20 – An Interview with Kim Kendall de Silva

In today’s episode I am joined by Kim Kendall de Silva, who is a Lecturer in Latin American Studies and basic Spanish by trade and a culture advocate by passion. Her mission is to empower the culturally inquisitive beginner Spanish language learner.

Episode 18 – An Interview with Natalie Briski – Part 1

Nat is Hub Productions Talent Handler, Guest Liaison & sometimes MC and Sublime Talent Rep, who works at ComiCon Conventions as well as other TV Show & Movie events, using her organizational and people talents to look after a wide range of talent, including actors, writers and other creative minds in that area.